Snider Hockey is a non-profit that uses hockey programs to educate and empower under-resourced youth in Philadelphia. Their goal is to help these young citizens succeed in the game of life and unite their communities. The group serves over 3,000 inner-city children both on and off the rink. Kids who complete the programs have proven to achieve higher levels of academic success, make healthier life choices, and work to become better role models for other children in the program. The benefits don’t end when a child completes the program, either. They are more likely to build a rewarding career and consistently give back to their community. 


Hockey Programs

Snider Hockey offers programs for boys and girls in the Philadelphia/Camden area. All the programs are free, and the group provides the necessary equipment. Kids don’t need any experience to join, as Snider Hockey’s expert coaches guide them through the learning process. Through the programs, the attendees will have the opportunity for healthy physical activity regularly in a safe environment. 



Snider Hockey provides a safe space for kids to meet new friends and learn about the value of contributing to a team. Teamwork is a skill that will take children far for the rest of their lives, whether it be in friendship, family, or career. By playing a sport, participants will also develop trust, sportsmanship, and other skills, all of which will help build their self-esteem. 



The benefits of participating in Snider Hockey don’t end with sports. They also extend to education. Every student receives educational support throughout the year through unique programs tailored to their age group. Students will also become eligible for high school and college scholarship opportunities. In addition to nurturing educational programs, students will also have the ability to continue learning outside of the classroom. 


How to Support Snider Hockey

There are a variety of ways you can support Snider Hockey. If your business is interested in partnering with the group, reach out to Katy Bowers at 215-952-4157 or Partnering with Snider Hockey is a great way to build consumer awareness and make a difference in your community! Our experts will help create a personalized program complete with a unique marketing strategy. 

You can also make a one-time donation on the group’s website. The group strives to continue its founder’s mission to match every dollar with two of his own, meaning your donation will be tripled.