The hustle and bustle of the holidays often make it difficult to slow down enough to think about our communities. This Christmas season, why not give back by investing your time and effort in those around you? 

Host a Fundraiser

Fundraisers are a great way to give back to the charity of your choice.  This Christmas season our company integrated a fundraiser with our annual holiday party.  To make it fun and inclusive, we hosted a “casino night” gaming exhibit with craps and roulette to raise funds for the benefit of the Overbrook School for the Blind.  As a result, we donated $2,500 to the school.

These are just a few ways you can give back to your community! There are even more opportunities in your area, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you. 

Donate Gently-Used Clothing and Food

Local shelters are often in desperate need of coats and other articles of warm clothing during the winter season. The weather is colder, and many people have nowhere else to go. These shelters are flooded with requests for hot meals and clothing that can protect individuals from the frigid weather. 

Take an afternoon to clean your home and go through your closet. Is there any gently-used clothing you can donate instead of throwing away? 

Many shelters and food banks also need additional food during the holidays to keep up with a higher level of demand. Consider picking up non-perishable goods to donate the next time you’re at the grocery store. 

Visit a Nursing Home

The holidays are a tough time of year for anyone who doesn’t have family in the area and is unable to travel. Visiting a nursing home or other care facility and spending time with the elderly is a great way to brighten someone’s day. There are many ways to pass the time, whether it be doing crafts or puzzles, or even playing an instrument. 

Volunteer to Clean a Park or Other Public Space

Public spaces often go neglected when the weather turns cold. We often want to beautify our homes during the holidays. Why not extend that mentality to our communities? Contact your municipal offices to volunteer to clean a park or other public area. After time picking up trash, the park will once again become somewhere people enjoy spending time. 

Participate in a Toy Drive

Toy drives are popular during the holidays, so it shouldn’t be challenging to find one near you. Toys are often inexpensive to purchase, but they go a long way in sharing joy with children in need. You can usually find collection bins at grocery stores and other local spots. Another option is to take the toys to a children’s hospital. If you wrap the gifts ahead of time, add a post-it note that lists what the toy is or what ages would enjoy it most.